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Registration of papers Štampa El. pošta
utorak, 25 avgust 2015 09:05

Papers shall be sent in electronic form to e-mail address Ova adresa el. pošte zaštićena je od spam napada, treba omogućiti JavaSkript da biste je videli The paper scope is up to 10 pages.

The scope of work is up to 10 pages. Arial 11 pt, 14 pt Headlines, information about authors 10 pt.  All the margins 2.5 cm. Abstracts of papers should be written to the volume of one A4 page with information about the authors of papers and title of the work. Reference style is THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE - AUTHOR-DATE SYSTEM

Papers and Power Point presentations are submitted in English language, or any of the official BiH languages.

One author can only once be as the first author and once as co-author!


Registration form / Prijavni obrazac (doc)

Registration form and all information about the Conference can be found in following link and

JPF 2016

Poslednje ažurirano srijeda, 26 avgust 2015 09:36